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Ready for an adventure? Take a dive into our world of NFT photography, art, and other fun things, cos fun is good.

We are a pack of artists, mashing up and scraxing in the pool of creativity

Thanks to @ManifoldStudio and the longevity of blockchain and Smart contract NFT, You can mint our work right here.

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At play at the source

Thank you for visiting our page. we are in the early days of our #NFT adventure. We pray our earlier work stands testimony to the longevity of this collective and that the work can only get more interesting from here, as we merge all our tools and skills to bring you wonderful & valuable artists, exploring the renaissance of digital art.

Here to a fantastic 2022 for us all.


Our art has found a Digital Art archive, galleries, new friends and wonderful knowledge and a bonus crypto art world that is a ledger

Peru Apu Rimac river and the beautiful culture surrounding it.Artist sundog

Source of the Amazon river

After 10 radical growth years in the international film stills industries. Sundog found himself in South America for 6 months. Spending 3 months as the river rafting crew cameraman. on the official source of the amazon river, the mighty 2000 m deep canyon walled Apu Rimac river high in the Andes.

This collection is all that remains of the original collection, lost to faulty HD. hopefully to be recovered one day. The incredible talent of the kayakers and guides is profound,  They really know how to run the dragons back safely.  The hospitality of the locals is wonderful, their ongoing festival lifestyle is very intoxicating. Lazy minted on Opensea ETH

trick photography nfts

Inner city lights

Inner city lights is Sundogs first street photography test, a merge of long exposure night , time-lapse and montage photography

Some really interesting art and ideas brewing here incl 1/1 and a small PFP section, animated gifs, multiply plate editions and more

trick photography nfts

Lens Pixel Fae

Lens Pixel fairies 



lens pixel plates

Various Lenses

10 sets

First set Canon 20-70mm

Unique art works and animations will be created from the plates, owners of plates receive a white list to private sale bids of new drops.

trick photography nfts

Pixel Fairies Motor Cycle Club WIP

Lens Pixel fairies used to create different characters and hopefully 3D  avatars one day

a pack of artists

Take a peek inside our Wonderworld


Multi media visual artist


Creativity scientist


Multi media visual artist


Artistic scientist

New work only

Awaiting Genesis

Awaiting Genesis

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  • !/! only on Oceansea

Below are works from Seadog Aka G Mcleod the sailing artist 99 moments

iPhone teasers, Captain has completed the Southern Indian Ocean crossing on a 50ft Cat to Australia. the collection from his Nikon will drop soon.

Below are works from TabbronDog aka M Dodsworth 99 moments

some images will be in his genesis collection on Opensea

We will be updating this page often. come back soon for more info on our Artists and New work.

Sundog has a small scale organic farm that supports 350+ underprivileged kids & elderly weekly

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