Gavin Sweeney, Director/Producer. 

As producer and director, I have worked with a number of DIT’s on various projects large and small; commercials, features and television. Having worked with Warrick, I can truly say that he is a pleasure to have on set handling this very important task. He is diligent, professional and thorough, making every effort to give the director and the production the output required in a timely and efficient fashion. His digital equipment is up to date, up to the task and he shows great technical expertise in operating it. Possibly just as important is his demeanour – always friendly and untroubled – he just gets on with it and doesn’t stop until the job is done. His obvious passion for film is further evidenced in the high quality of his work. I look forward to working with Warrick again as soon as possible.

Deryck Broom, Producer.

Trilogy had the pleasure of working with DOP Warrick Mcleod filming the opening and closing shots for Matador Pictures’ ‘Generation Z’. Considering the circumstances, Warrick was the perfect DOP for the task. We had to create a live-link feed to the director who was sitting watching and giving direction in the UK. That meant whilst Warrck was filming on the Alexa XT Plus, with a cast and crew on a mountain verge in Cape Town, he was constantly communicating with a team in London who were able to view everything his camera saw live, and they were giving instant feedback. Warrick was not only professional and creative, his temperament and patience made the challenging production a smooth, enjoyable success.

Director Wes Edwards

Warrick is everything I like in a Director of Photography. He’s highly technical. He’s comfortable scaling to work with truckloads of lights or a single source. He constantly adapts his style to that of the director, but brings a lot of great ideas to the party. He offers up ways to make the production more economical and efficient and isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty to make it happen. But on top of all this, he consistently creates gorgeous images.

Grant Forbes Media film service

To whom it may concern. I have known Warrick for approximately 3 years. in that time he has viorously hunted knowledge in lighting. He is a passionate, determined and self driven. He will do well to pursue a career in Cinematography Warrick has a great eye for capturing an emotion with cinematography. for furthur info pls feel free to contact me

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Warrick Mc Leod


I worked with Warrick in many projects as an assistant. His main thing is accuracy and precision. He doesn’t settle for less. He is willing to risk here and there, but his work speaks for its self. His attention to detail makes whatever he shoots come up as the client wants it.

Warrick is a big fan of art, his style of shooting speaks for itself.

I would recommend Warrick to anyone who wants to shoot a doccie or Music video. He will give it to you like you imagined it.

Buti Bakoena 1st Ac

Bakoena Buti

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