film director

The reason why I have always wanted to Direct is that there are personal stories that I want to tell as a film director, but also because I love every part of movie-making, from the wardrobe to the set decoration, film director to cinematography and it shows in my films. Director Cinematographer, Warrick Mc Leod Dir/Dop. Have over 25 years experience as a Director Cinematographer Dir/Dop on documentaries BTS and music videos. Starting as an assistant, I have worked on hundreds of international TVC film sets. I have accumulated a wide skill set. Including camera work, Digital image tech, editing, post-production to writing and producing. eg; I am in the process of upskilling my website skills as I build this website myself. I am Freelance and I’m always looking for new work. Use the quote button to see if I’m available for your next great film production. If my agent Call a Crew sent you, I’m am happy & looking forward to hearing from them for you. Briefs 4 Treatments welcome. Check out my references.