To Whom It May Concern,

This letter is to serve as a professional reference for Warrick Mcload.

Warrick has a great understanding and is an extremely skillful and knowledgeable individual. He has a passion for Analog and Digital Cinematography.

He is incredibly hard working and enthusiastic everything Warrick set his goals on he achieves and does it with excellent.

His level headed approach and his optimism always plays a big role in his problem solving and there by over comes any obstacle that is clear in his work.

With his passion for filmmaking I believe he’ll bring great value to any project he gets involved in.

Yours faithfully,

Sean Sims

Camera Technical Manager

Media Film Service

Cape Town


I am an artist who is on a mission to make films. Long and short form.

Warrick Mc Leod

Directing style

Warrick is driven to create imagery that seems to come from another higher realm. He is inspired by spiritual legends, nature and sensual lighting. Jim Jannard, Peter Jackson, Keith Rose and Guillermo Del Toro are among his hero’s


Warrick was always destined to create world class film projects. Born to creative parents involved in the film, music and fashion industries. Warrick studied fine art and photography.. Working in the art dept under greats like Master John the Gong. Warrick soon found himself art directing projects. A highlight being the in flight Mercer Computers commercial with a young Sifu Quinton Chong who went on to become world champ. . In order to master the art of film and become a world class Director with a camera in hand He worked his way up the camera dept. Always remembering that as his mastery grew so would the opportunity to create beautiful artistic films. Warrick loves all aspects of the film making process , from concept to completion

Turning his energy to his own short film projects in 2013 his first film Elven Sky went on to win best Fashion Styling at the first ever Miami Fashion film festival – He used Couture and street wear together to show the conflict – the film received 6 nominations at the prestigious La Jolla Fashion film festival California – Recognized for his artistic talent He was snapped up by the Global Film Unit as a Director in La Jolla California

His next short film Cold Fusion is a highly styled and artistic steam punk western. The work in progress film teaser has won a Gold Award at TMFF and 4 nominations worldwide so far. Moscow Indie FF, Berlin sci ff and LACine fest

Warrick has a flare for costume film and fashion, always dressing his dancers and leading ladies in Couture fashion from local designers

His fine art and Cinematography training gives him an eye for photographic details for depth of field and beautiful sets

Curved lines always captivated me more as a child than straight ones. later in life I fell in love with the brute and beautiful sacred geometry, with its intricate details that seem to curve. I find myself at a similar new and exciting period in my life. Having spent the past 22 years studying cinematography , I now find myself largely attracted to the Art of the set style design and language that takes place in front and for the camera’s eye. Producing my own Passion films over the past 2 years has awakened the art director in me. Winning gold for my fashion styling in Miami. With Best Direction , Art direction and cinematography among the 13 nominations received for my film Elven Sky around the world

My fine art studies covered

a major in good ol print making- techniques that are now mostly only found in artists’ studios made redundant by the digital revolution- photography – Sculpture – molds casting – paper making- painting – life drawing – pottery –

My mother was a dress maker so I was cutting patterns at a very young age. Almost studying fashion design before fine art- so a flare for a myriad take on fashion in my films is very present – My father runs a signage co, so high buildings scaffolds and perplex molded signs are a norm for me.

Now that my camera skills are of an international accredited standard I am getting my hands stuck in the beautiful art of film making on a wider base in my personal film making – I am now offering that talent to you and your productions

Im looking forward to helping with your ‘circle of confusion’


Production History highlights

1993 -assists art dept – full body casts for Sandman

-Film technicians training scheme – art director

1994 – Art Directs Various projects incl Mercer Jungle

Makes decision to pursue cinematography

Joins Film Air Camera and grips rental house

1994-1996 – film loader camera assistant and fashion stills assistant

– Spot rigger and follow spot operator for big concerts

1996 Starts shooting on video projects- documentaries- music videos

– Art Directs and shoots his first music video band Sheahalion

1998 – Shoots first short film on betacam video. Wild & Dangerous screened at Sitengi FF

1999- Starts Planet productions with TopCo models, line producing various international brands

2000 – Nominated in Milano Italy ‘Media key’ for 2 awards – Wins gold for best ‘making of’ documentary for Peugeot 206 with FilmMaster Italy

2001 – Starts Immortal Images production co to line produce international fashion still clients. Producing fashion catalogues and magazine work

2003 – Ten years in the film industry heads to the source of the Amazon ‘Apu Rimac” river to film and river raft the river for 6 months break

2005- Team Wins Gold Media Lion ‘Cannes: with The Jupiter drawing room. Best use of cinema project for Nandos

2009 — RED Digital Cinema arrives. becomes a Digital image Technician (DIT) for the film industry on request from Media film service.

2011 – Starts producing more of his own work – Getty Images requests his work as a Master Delegate

2013 – His film ‘ Elven Sky ‘ gets 6 nominations at the La Jolla fashion film festival – incl Best Director – Best Art Direction – Best Cinematography – Best Fashion – Best Hair – Best Make up

-Official short film Nomination Miami fff – Elven Sky wins Gold for fashion styling at the Miami Fashion film festival –

– Official selection Bokah fff Cape Town – 3 Nominations – Fashion – Hair – Make up

wins prestigious SASC bronze award for his cinematography on Elven Sky

He starts production on ‘ Cold Fusion ” a steam punk western short film

Global Film Unit start to represent him in California as a fashion film director

Film Afrika puts him forward as local Director for an International tv series- project filmed in Australia sadly

2014 Directs and films Dune London fashion projects

Directs and films 17 x 30sec M&Co fashion films

Produces Directs- art directs a 48hour short film in the Horror genre

2015  Dop on  Renault car TVC for India

2016 Acts in a Meryl Streep and Jeff Bridges movie as featured extra for fun

2017 48 hr project for fun Who killed AI

2018 Cold Fusion teaser submitted to festivals and starts winning awards

– he is presently working on his film scripts and pre-prod – another tale of Love and Magic with peace as a large premise – whilst being avail for the silly season in the camera and art dept

you can find him walking and playing on the beach with his 2 Timber wolf Malamutes enjoying the natural patterns of Nature

Production capabilities

Directing – Art direction



Post Production/ editing

Digital Cinema Tec DIT





Languages spoken

English-mother tongue

Swiss German and High German


Contact information




Mobile Phone

+27 73 075 7646

Physical address

Cape Town South Africa











Showreel film file


Contact Info

websitewww.warricklmcleod.blogspot.com www.warrickmcleod.com

Mobile –+27 73 075 7646