New DIT work online 2019


With 25 years experience on Film and Stills productions as an Pro Assistant, I have hundreds of productions under my belt. I have had the fantastic opportunity to learn  working and assisting some of the worlds great Directors and  Directors of Photography incl Mark Moi, Steve Annis,  Jonathan Bensimon, Jan Prahl, Vicci Turpin,Lance Gerber, Michael Buckley, Mark Reid, Fabian Spuck to name a few.

 DIT Station Gear Avail

Mobile DIT Studio Custom mobile air-cooled digital Image studio
12 Core MacPro
Flanders Scientific Colour Monitor
GUI Monitor
Live Grade Software
DaVinci Resolve 15 Studio Software
Silverstack Lab Software
RAID5 Thunderbolt 3
Custom Cart

Includes 1 month data/footage storage for your safety


!stAc work – Focus Puller.

Camera DIT Work

I am available to DIT any size project. My DIT station is a 12 or 6 core macpro custom station. The DIT van comes with its own Geni and aircon units. With ample desk space for client and DOP to view the work. With dual graphic cards the workflow is seamless and screened on a 17′ Flanders scientific monitor


To whom it may concern
Warrick Mc Leod – DIT

As producer and director, I have worked with a number of DIT’s on various projects large
and small; commercials, features and television.
Having worked with Warrick, I can truly say that he is a pleasure to have on set handling this very important task. He is diligent, professional and thorough, making every effort to give the director and the production the output required in a timely and efficient fashion.
His digital equipment is up to date, up to the task and he shows great technical expertise in operating it.
Possibly just as important is his demeanour – always friendly and untroubled – he just gets on with it and doesn’t stop until the job is done.
His obvious passion for film is further evidenced in the high quality of his work.
I look forward to working with Warrick again as soon as possible.

Gavin Sweeney

Owner-Producer Dancing Light Productions +2782 414 8452 producer@iafrica.com www.dancinglight.co.za

I have a diverse skill set which include: Workflow Supervision, Digital Cinema Camera Supervision, Digital Image Technician, Data Management Technician, LUTS, Editing, Colourist & VFX Supervision.

Our expert onset workflow supervision and top-spec custom built turnkey equipment is what sets me apart from the competition. My passion can be clearly seen in my attention to detail and ability to deliver on time, and with a smile.

Our services include, Camera management & Settings, Quality Checking, Sound Syncing, MetaData Inputting, One Light, Live Grading, Onset Editing, Transcoding, Dailies Creation, iPad Streaming, Data Cloud Hosting,

LTO Archiving and Individualised Data Reports
With 25 years of cinematography experience
your footage is safe with me.

Editor / Colour Grading

Brief CV

Arri mini, Solar productions, Persol Sunglasses TVC
Arri mini, AVITO Russia TVC, Happy Cat Productions
Arri mini, Happy Cat Films, Everdream music video
Red Helium 8k. Happy Cat Films, Dir Rachel Young Black & White film
Red , Shooting Gallery, Post Bank, D.O.P Peter Meyer
Alexa , Niceflowertrading66 – ‘etos’ . D.O.P Todd Somodovilla
Alexa , Velocity, Groupama TVC, D.O.P David Nissan
Red Epic, Uncle Morris Prod , Sterilan TVC, DOP Peter Wiis
Red Epic, Uncle Morris Prod , Sunsilk TVC, DOP Peter Wiis
Red Epic 2 x , Velocity . Peugeot TVC . DOP Philippe Lesourd
Phantom Digital High Speed Digital cinema, Dir/DOP Adrian Lazarus
Sony F3 Film Africa. History of the World. with Nano
Alexa Picture Tree , Dir Oscar Strauss Woolworths. D.O.P Vicci Turpin,
Arri Alexa Virgin Active TVC
Red, Spier Films, Master Harold and the Boys Feature Film 6 weeks
Canon C300 D.I.T Sea Shepard . x 3 cameras
Red, Camera Op and D.I.T One Billion Rising,Dir D Keam
Arri Alexa D.I.T . Fresh Eye Prod,
Canon C500 D.I.T., Episode Productions, H&M Sweden

• Red / Arri / / Canon / Sony various / Tornado / Phantom/
Camera DIT
Image DIT
On set Editing offline
Onset base color grading

• Training
• Digital Image tech training with Media film service and HDHUB
• Editor Dead time TV, Sharlto Copley
• Photo Retouching Picto Photo lab
• Haptics 3D/phootshop Post Prod
• Dead Time Tv Post Prod
• Cape film tech training scheme / loaders course
• Fine art & Photography Natal Technicon

• Workflow management experience
• 2009 – Present Digital cinema
• 1999- Present hd video
• 1996- Present Digital editing

Gear Avail – DIT Station

Custom 6 & 12 Core MacPro

17’ Flanders Scientific Monitor

Raid storage with 1 month back up of projects done

Custom mobile aircooled digital Image studio

DIT Software