2nd unit Dp, Interiors.

Work in Progress Panthera Africa. One Roar, One Voice.

Music Video for the ‘We Are One World Tour’ We have already started the process of bringing the We Are One concerts to the following countries: Switzerland, Thailand, United Kingdom, Norway, Denmark, Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands, Asia, USA. One Roar, One Voice.

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The reason why I have always wanted to Direct is that there are personal stories that I want to tell, but also because I love every part of movie-making, from the wardrobe to the set decoration, to cinematography and it shows in my films. Director Cinematographer, Warrick Mc Leod Dir/Dop.

Have over 25 years experience as a Director Cinematographer Dir/Dop on documentaries BTS and music videos.

Starting as an assistant, I have worked on hundreds of international TVC film sets. I have accumulated a wide skill set. Including camera work, Digital image tech, editing, post-production to writing and producing. eg; I am in the process of upskilling my website skills as I build this website myself. I am Freelance and I’m always looking for new work.

Use the quote button to see if I’m available for your next great film production. If my agent Call a Crew sent you, I’m am happy & looking forward to hearing from them for you. Briefs 4 Treatments welcome. Check out my references.

Cold Fusion, a gunslingers blessing.

My Short film Passion Project.

The Berlin Scifi film festival contacted me re-submitting my film. As it is not complete I declined, They then informed me there are ‘In Development Teaser Awards’ at festivals around the world. I submitted to 5, We Won a Gold, Semi-finalist at LA Cine fest & 3 other Nominations. I’m looking forward to finishing this film.

Producer development and distribution opportunities avail. Contact me

Personal Passion Project.

Writer, Producer, Director, Cinematography, Lighting, Art Direction.) Created with only R28k. Produced over 6 weeks with 4 days principal photography. Massive shout out to my sponsors

Elven Sky, a Feminine Divine.

My Short film Passion Project.

(Personal work. Passion Project

Writer, Producer, Director, Cinematography, Lighting, Art Direction.)