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Warrick has a great understanding and is an extremely skillful and knowledgeable individual. His level headed approach and his optimism always plays a big role in his problem solving and there by over comes any obstacle that is clear in his work.

He is incredibly hard working and enthusiastic everything Warrick set his goals on he achieves and does it with excellent.

Sean Sims
Media Film Service

Cape Town

Trilogy Creative Studios had the pleasure of working with DOP Warrick Mcleod filming the opening and closing shots for Matador Pictures’ ‘Generation Z’. Considering the circumstances, Warrick was the perfect DOP for the task. We had to create a live-link feed to the director who was sitting watching and giving direction in the UK. That meant whilst Warrck was filming on the Alexa XT Plus, with a cast and crew on a mountain verge in Cape Town, he was constantly communicating with a team in London who were able to view everything his camera saw live, and they were giving instant feedback.
Warrick was not only professional and creative, his temperament and patience made the challenging production a smooth, enjoyable success.

Deryck Broom

” Warrick has vigorously hunted knowledge in lighting.. He has a great eye for capturing an emotion with cinematography”.

Grant Forbes. Master Gaffer

Warrick makes Beautiful Pictures!

He knows his gear and in this regard keeps ahead of the wave, always making sure he know what in new and how to use it.

Belinda Johnson

Creative Producer. Film Afrika


Short Films

Warrick is everything I like in a Director of Photography. He’s highly technical. He’s comfortable scaling to work with truckloads of lights or a single source. He constantly adapts his style to that of the director, but brings a lot of great ideas to the party. He offers up ways to make the production more economical and efficient and isn’t
afraid to get his hands dirty to make it happen.   But on top of all
this, he consistently creates gorgeous images.

DirectorWes Edwards



Music Videos

‘Rollercoaster’ – Jack Mantis Band. ·

Thank you Warrick for the vision, the direction and edit, you truly are a gift…we are eternally in your love.

.Jack Mantis . Artistic Visionary. Music Video

Brand films